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What Is Not Covered

Effective Date: March 1, 2019

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Simply Put: Our Accidental Death Policy Only Covers Accidents.

This insurance covers accidental loss of life from injuries that are a direct result of an accident or trauma occurring when insured under the coverage while it is in force. Loss must be independent of sickness and all other causes (all other causes not applicable in Vermont; in California, Illinois, Montana and Nevada, sickness or bodily infirmity), except sickness caused by the injury (and terrorism, in Maryland). Benefits are payable only when a covered injury results in loss of life within 365 days after the injury date (no time limit in Pennsylvania).

Items that will not pay benefits for:

(a) death that occurs while this policy is not in force;

(b) death resulting directly or indirectly from disease or bodily infirmity;

(c) death resulting from an act of declared or undeclared war;

(d) death that occurs while serving in the armed forces;

(e) death caused by intentionally self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane;

(f ) death caused by an insured person’s suicide or attempted suicide, while sane or insane;

(g) death resulting from an insured person’s commission or attempted commission of a felony;

(h) death resulting from an insured person’s being intoxicated (as determined and defined by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the loss or cause of loss occurred; for the purposes of this exclusion, the laws governing the operation of motor vehicles while intoxicated will apply);

(i) death resulting from an insured person’s being under the influence of any controlled substance (except for narcotics given on the advice of a physician);

(j) death resulting from a moving vehicle accident occurring while an insured person is engaged in a contest of speed, organized or not; or

(k) death resulting from flying in an aircraft unless sustained as a passenger (not as a pilot, operator or a member of the crew).

 This plan is for the daredevils and thrill-seekers who need more than your standard insurance. Traditional insurance will fall short of the protection you need.