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Finally. Lower life insurance rates that rewards millennials


Life Insurance For Millennials Just Got Easier

Getting married, buying a house and having kids are all good reasons to purchase life insurance. Right now at your age, getting life insurance is probably a lot cheaper and easier than you think.

An Easy, Fast Application.

If you've been meaning to get life insurance for a while, consider this: People have gotten covered with us in the time it takes to wait for coffee. Seriously.


We Can Save You Money.

Our online application questions and real time underwriting enable us to calculate the best price for you & we don't have a fleet of agents. 

A Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle. 

With our life insurance product for millennials, you may also be getting basic built in savings for later income.


Don't to stick your family with debt

It’s no secret that today’s 21-38 year olds are burdened with record-breaking levels of student loan debt. If something were to happen to you, it could fall entirely on your parents to pay off those debts.

Recent data shows that only 36% of millennials are financially stable

Have savings of more than $20k and put away more than they spend

Spent more money than they can afford to participate in experiences with friends


Now is the best time to protect yourself

it’s time to consider what financial state your parents, spouse, kids, or business would be in if you were to die unexpectedly today.

Financial Health Research

Only 36% of millennials can afford a $1,000 emergency expense.


Only 36% of millennials can afford a $1,000 emergency expense.

Credit card debt

Nearly half (44 percent) typically carry a credit card balance


On average, they spend almost $500 a month on “non-essential items”

Emergency fund

Only 38 percent have built up an emergency fund

Time to start being fiscally responsible


76% of our exclusive rate clients get the top rate class


Let's get started.